No More Guessing What’s Wrong

Compare Data From All Endpoint Devices That May Be Contributing to the Issue

Respond and Recover from Network Events

PSB Exero offers customizable alerts that activate the processes you use for incident response, including automated remediation.


  • Sends emails, text messages, SNMP traps upon crossing a threshold
  • Features built-in escalation workflows to target the specific stakeholders as devices remain out-of-spec or in a distressed state
  • Allows for a consistent response to events with an established criteria
  • Takes automated remediation steps such as restarting a process or shutting down a server or switched port.
  • Restores files, volumes, and server images from cloud backup system.
  • Allows for incorporation of lessons learned by adjusting thresholds or re-rolling baseline data.

Knowledge On Demand – Puts You In Command

Being better informed can help you mitigate risk, anticipate future needs and avoid future problems.

The PSB Exero engine overcomes the challenges of gathering data from devices with proprietary protocols and data sets, giving you access to all information produced by every device on your network. The powerful dashboard lets you visualize the critical elements of your system in real-time. And PSB Exero’s sophisticated Business Intelligence lets you query the entire data set to inform and empower you, and your organization.

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