PSB Exero Partner Program

A Company Backing our Dealers

The PSB Exero Partner Program empowers partners to build, test, certify, distribute, and sell applications for the Exero Platform. This Guide describes the policies, benefits, and requirements applicable to the Program. To better understand and fully leverage Program membership, PSB Exero encourages each Partner’s business, sales, marketing, and technical representatives involved in the partnership to review this Guide.

The Program is designed for companies that want to sell a recurring service for their company. By meeting and maintaining program requirements, participants are eligible to receive benefits to support their development and application (app) certification efforts.

Partners who align with PSB Exero have access to technical and support resources experienced in the SAAS service model. The development of the product is aligned with a partner’s ability to signup clients that know the effectiveness of cloud-solutions. The PSB Exero portal will provide the necessary capability, datasets, and accessibility for partners to promote new and scalable business.

PSB Exero invests in technology for partners to advance their business through our capability to develop R&D solutions in today’s cloud-managed marketplace.

  • Device Agnostic platform for enrollment of network hardware.
  • Single Dashboard to manage activity and review Diagnostics.
  • Robust Alert Protocols for notifications with system devices.
  • Ability to Understand capacity planning with full view or you network devices.
  • Streamline Compliance with updates and patch management.
  • Manage more Key Information for tactical design for system upgrading.

Program Highlights

Benefits commensurate with partner-level of commitment and performance

As partners grow their accounts, additional offerings will be made available to enhance the partner model. These benefits include access to other service offerings, pricing adjustments, and shared-market content.

Access to non-productions instances

Roadmap Item 2022. Provisioning of demonstration sites will allow sales leaders to be able to present the Exero platform and capability. Login information will be created specifically for an Exero partner, and introductory training and review sessions will be provided.

Listing of company logo and profile on the PSB Exero website

PSB Exero continuously markets and generates customer engagements to facilitate its growth model further. Traffic and market awareness of the company can benefit our dealer partners, representing the brand on the PSB Exero website.

Ability to publish and market PSB Exero to your company's clients globally

With a strong, reliable, and remote capable cloud platform like Exero, customer site onboarding can extend to a customer in the global market.

Direct access to key technical leaders and support personnel

An agile team is in place that understands and implements direct access working sessions with partners, so the deployment, engagement, and support of Exero maintain the highest level of workflow for the customer experience.

Business RMR and returns

Exero is a cloud solution that continues to scale into IP-based technology. With the onset of more remote and managed devices, Exero will enable more edge hardware lending to more significant device support and RMR potential.

Partnering with an industry Leader

The PSB Exero group is an experienced technology group that understands cloud management’s benefits for networked and technology systems. The Exero platform is already in place and being used daily with Fortune 500 companies.

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