Continually Monitor Your Whole Environment

Set Benchmarks, View History, Isolate Abnormalities, Identify Trends and More.

Protect Mission-Critical Security Systems and Detect

PSB Exero is designed for larger, mission-critical security advancements. As access control systems grow, they generate increasing amounts of data. PSB Exero lets you manage all your security monitoring information in one customized dashboard that gives you both a real-time snapshot of your system’s operating status, and the ability to compare to historical data and benchmarks.

  • Periodically collects sensor health and contextual data to establish baselines.
  • Learns the behavior of the critical infrastructure and dynamically re-establishes baselines and thresholds
  • Listens for Windows events, syslogs, emails, and SNMP traps.
  • Reacts to incident alert thresholds which can be static or dynamic
  • Enforces 2-factor authentication for remote access
  • Conducts backups (volume and/or file level) to your storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or our Exero cloud
  • Report file share and group permissions for compliance audits
  • Automates OS patch management and reports missing patches
  • Updates anti-virus and anti-malware signatures and reports out-of-compliance devices

Avoid Problems: Continually Monitor Your Systems Health

PSB works with you to set up a customized dashboard so you can visualize the data that’s critical for your security operation. View devices that are using too much power, see which devices have highest uptime, and collect statistics over time to identify problem equipment or equipment that should be replaced, before it fails.

Our customers have customized their PSB Exero dashboards to see:

  • Top Ten Lists
    • Bandwidth consumers for devices and switches
    • Electrical power consumers
    • Disk space utilization
    • CPU utilization
  • Compare operating temperature to baselines, show alert when +/- 15 degrees
    • Devices, server rooms, store rooms
  • Time since last reboot; compare to benchmark
    • Cameras, CPUs, other systems
    • Compare different brands and models in same dataset
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