Proactive Security Monitoring and
Decision Making with Exero

With PSB Exero, you are in command of your world.

Exero is an extensible platform that informs and delivers actionable insights from secure networks

Cyber security Insights that are commonly overlooked in the Physical Security Space

  • Patches on operating systems are out of date
  • Camera has a vulnerable firmware version
  • Default manufacturer passwords are in use
  • Camera has been tampered with
  • Camera performed an unscheduled restart. Why?
  • An unknown device has been inserted onto the Network Piece of malware or a virus found on server
  • Switch or Firewall configuration has changed

Exero’s Features

PowerServersNetwork Video Recorders
Access Control
IP Cameras
Network Infrastructure
Smart UPS
Windows 2012+ Server
Linux (Most Distros)
Windows Server NVR
Linux Server NVR
Windows Access Control (ACS)
Linux Access Control (ACS)
IP Camera (No SNMP)
IP Camera (with SNMP)
Network Switches (Managed)
Firmware Level Alerts
Device Behavioral Analysis
Automated Discovery
Default Password Discovery
Business Intel
Access Control Dashboards
Device Health Dashboards
Memory Usage
Drive Space %
File growth %
CPU Pinned %
Traffic In/Out
Packet Loss
Ethernet Up/Down
SNMP Fan Status
SNMP Temperature
SNMP Uptime
SNMP Device Tamper Alert
TRAP processing
UPS Battery Capacity
UPS Battery Needs Replacement
UPS Battery Runtime
UPS Output Status
UPS Voltage In/Out
Power Supply Failure
NVR Recording Service Tracking
Running Process Tracking
SQL/MySQL Server Statistics
Syslog Messages
Event Viewer Logs
SMTP Listener