for All of Your Assets

  • Device Agnostic Platform for full network protection.
  • Single dashboard for all devices. Know exactly what is happening on your network.
  • Be the first to know. Robust alert protocols bring issues to your attention immediately.
  • Make capacity planning and budgeting a simple task.
  • Streamline compliance by knowing what devices need updates and patches.

Insight to Foresight

Your Solution for a Secure Network

  • Identify & Manage
    Find authorized and unauthorized devices and software across your infrastructure, and categorize them more reliably into a robust asset inventory system.
    Know all devices on your network with inventory management.
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  • Protect & Detect
    Powerful dashboard engine lets you continually monitor mission-critical environments. Set benchmarks & view device history to isolate anomalies, identify trends & more.
    Set benchmarks, view history, isolate abnormalities, identify trends and more.
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  • Respond & Recover
    Configure Alerts To Activate Processes And Automation For Incident Response. Maintain plans for resilience and restore capabilities or services.
    Restores files, volumes, and server images from cloud backup.
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Full Network Protection

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Do You Need Better Insight Into Your Assets?

Has Your System Been Compromised?

PSB Exero can help. Speak with us to learn how.

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“If Only My Networked Devices Could Talk…”

The expanding “Internet of Things” means more and more of your networked devices are streaming data with information on status, events, errors, and more. But almost every device has its own protocols, data set, language and standards, meaning that you have to access each set of data from a separate interface.

No More Guessing What’s Wrong

Most Security monitoring systems may tell you something’s wrong, but they are vendor specific and unable to see the inter relationship between all end point devices that may be the contributing to the issue. And they don’t tell you about the problem until it’s already happened.

Insight That Puts You in Command

PSB Exero overcomes the challenges of gathering and comparing data from networked systems, bringing together data from every interconnected device in your system in one powerful dashboard. Real-time analysis and visualization uncovers hidden insights about your organization that allow you to be proactive and in control.


Rethink Your Network's Security

The all-in-one single pane of glass solution for a secure network.

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